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1st inernational e-cigarette exhibition

Get new opportunities for your business and break into the Baltic market.
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29-30 of July 2016, Riga, Latvia


1st inernational e-cigarette exhibition

Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends and products. Get immediate and easy communication right away from vendors and retailers. Buy ticket to Baltic VapShow

29-30 of July 2016, Riga, Latvia


International E-Cigarette Exhibition

Baltic VapShow

29-30 of July 2016, Riga, Latvia

Coil Building WorkShop

Coil Building workshop it’s a short course to go from the basics to building your own coil.

The workshop aims to enable you to build your own coils to your specifications, and also serves to educate you in how to practice sub-ohm vaping safety, and to inform you of what you need to do so. We Coil Building workshop during Baltic VapShow to give you the theory and some useful building tips, with some demonstrations along the way and some resources for more information after the workshop.

See you!

Saturday, July 30 12:00– 16:00


  1. To book a place for the workshop, please make registration now.
  2. Registration is open until 15th of July 2016.
  3. Registration is free.
REGISTRATION for Coil building workshop

To our regret, due to the new legislation on the advertising of electronic cigarettes in Latvia the Baltic VapShow is canceled.

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